Ljós Candles - Logn 100gr

4.290 kr

Ingredients: 100% natural, sustainable, eco soy wax, 100% pure & natural essential oils

Lavender & Bergamot

Logn, meaning calm in the old Norse language. A scented candle with a mix of essential oils with calming and relaxing properties. The base is built on a lavender scent combined with bergamot oil that helps to relieve depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders by signaling the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. A hint of jasmine oil serves as another antidepressant but also increases romantic and positive feelings, especially when combined with geranium oil. Geranium is well known to reduce stress and sadness and balances emotions. As you can see, we created the perfect fragrance that can help you ease melancholia. Breathe in the smell of positive vibes.

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