Gjafasett WHITE CHRISTMAS 2x90g Jul og Snö

8.500 kr

Falleg jólagjafaaskja 

Celebrate the Christmas season with our 2 most popular seasonal fragrances in this giftset of JUL (Christmas) and SNÖ (snow), each representing the yin and yang of a Scandinavian winter. We’ve introduced a new design, new glass, new hard-box packaging, and poured our Swedish rapeseed wax in Sweden to deliver a truly special Skandinavisk gifting experience this winter.

JUL [‘jul] Scandinavian for ‘Christmas’.
Scent notes: Baked gingerbread and winter cloves, spiced oranges and mulled wine.

SNÖ [’snö:] Swedish for ‘snow’.
Scent notes: Frozen forests and frosted berries, the sharp, fresh breath of subzero skies

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